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Kids Electric Motorbikes

Eco Friendly - Neighbour Friendly - FUN, FUN, FUN...Kids Electric Motorbikes

These tough little kids electric motorbikes are sized perfectly for children aged 3 to 9 years.

With trainer wheels available, a very quiet motor and a light frame your youngster will have the time of their life!

You will wonder what you did before - now you can put the bike in the boot of the car, with no worries about fuel or oil spills, and an easy lift too.

There is the choice between 2 electric models, the Enduro motorbike and the Trials motorbike.

The Enduro Kids Electric Motorbikes comes in a:

E10 for 3-7 Years
E12 for 6-9 Years


The Trials Kids Electric Motorbikes comes in a:

T10 for 3-7 Years
T12 for 6-9 Years

These kids motorbikes can be customised for performance and tailored to each individual rider.  The throttle response, maximum power, speed, plus the regeneration all altered at the touch of a button.  These electric bikes will be gentle on the new rider, and challenging for the advanced.  Kids motorbike riding has never been so fun.  Parents can relax knowing the bike is set to their childs ability, and that they are always keen to get back on and ride again and again and again.  

The ideal fitness kids fun machine!

What should kids wear when riding an electric motorbike?  

A good quality helmet is a must.  A jacket with the spine support, elbows, shoulders, and chest plates is also recommended.  Gloves are good so that their hands don't get hurt and they have good grip on the handlebars.  

Long pants are ideal to protect the knees and thighs, and motorbike boots to protect their feet and ankles.  

Once suited the kids can have a huge day of fun, and will feel like a racing pro in no time.  

You can source affordable riding gear with your local Torrot dealer.

Motorbike riding for kids in general is a whole body experience, and is the perfect tool to enhance their growth and development.  The vibration of the bike over the ground gives the muscles and joints a great workout, along with brilliant feedback to the brain for neural development.  The riding is perfect to improve balance and co-ordination, and the visual system gets a workout as they establish exactly where they are in space, especially in relation to the bushes.  Their judgement and risk taking develops as they learn to control the accelerator and brake systems.  A complete body workout!